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8ozPharmaceutical Grade DMSO @ 99.995% pure and 100% natural. Odorless and Colorless, this is the DMSO you are looking for. PharmaDMSO only sells DMSO in UV resistant, glass containers.
· Our DMSO is produced here in the United States.
· Tamper resistant, Cobalt Blue Glass is the glass of choice for our team.
· 100% natural
· Odorless and colorless.
· Triple filtered to assure the purest form of DMSO
We guarantee hassle Free Transactions. Buy The Best DMSO available.
Dimethyl Sulfoxide DMSO has been used for years as a Pain Reliever. Arthritis suffers worldwide, turn to DMSO for pain relief.Dr. Jacobs really brought DMSO into the lives of so many with his undying devotion to the knowledge and use of this amazing product.
DMSO is a leading aid in the reduction of tissue irritation, pain management and in reducing inflammation.
DMSO Characteristics.
· DMSO freezes @ 65 degrees (DMSO is a lot like water, after it is frozen it reconstitutes with no degradation)
· Only Pure untampered DMSO freezes @ 65 degrees
· Using DMSO will leave a garlic like taste in your mouth for quite some time. (possibly a couple of days)
· FDA has approved DMSO of use in certain applications including cell preservation in stem cell research.

  • DMSO 99.98% Pharma Grade
  • Highest Grade Available
  • Comes in a UV resistant Blue Bottle
  • Made in the good old USA Of course no shelf life $36.00 Noiw Just $20.00 you save $16.00                                                                              

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Free radicalsFree Radicals
Free Radicals by definition, is an atom or molecule that has one or more unpaired electrons and are incredibly reactive. Constantly seeking electrons from other sources in tissue, the molecules search diligently to find electrons to pair up with. Free Radicals are a group of elements that form under normal daily situations. These situations include, environmental chemicals and sunlight. Through the course of normal cellular respirations and metabolisms, free radicals continue to form,

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    I was on your website and reading your blog. Dr Jacob video is very informative. This is quite new infomation for me. I am glad to find you here. Thanks for sharing this with me.
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