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WHat Does DMSO really do?My daughter is quite an athlete. At the tender age of 13, she plays sports like her life depended on it. Unfortunately she is a mere 90 lb. small frame young lady but plays with the heart of a lion. A few weeks ago, she hyper extended her knee in a soccer game.

We did the usual, conventional healing techniques, ice, wrapping and anti-inflammation meds. With some, but limited, pain management.

 The next week as we prepared for the upcoming game, she asked me what to do to alleviate the pain she was feeling.

The first thing that came to mind was DMSO. I was introduced to this drug some 35 years earlier by one of my coaches and have been using it off and on through put my life.  Just a few moments with a little DMSO on a cotton swab and her pain went away.

Back when I first started using DMSO, it was illegal and only available to horse trainers. I figured if a trainer was using it on a race horse worth millions of dollars, than why not give it a try. As it has always alleviated my pain, so it now alleviates my daughter’s pain.

The use of DMSO seems to be passed along from one generation to another, friend to friend and through trusted channels. I believe this is the most tested and underrated drug known to man.

You’re here reading this information because you to are suffering from chronic pain. It may be that you have arthritis, joint pain or maybe just a few bruises or strains.  Regardless, DMSO will change your views of pain management and your life for good.

What does DMSO Really Do?

pain freeDMSO has properties that no other substance possess.

  1. By blocking pain receptors, DMSO reduces swelling in joints and muscle tissue alleviating chronic pain.
  2. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio, recommends that DMSO be used on all inflammation issues not related to tumors or infection. In 1978 they have found their patients with genitourinary disorders found significant relief from DMSO therapy.
  3. DMSO is the very first nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory inflammation medicine since the aspirin. In fact the toxicity of aspirin is 7 times as high as that of DMSO.
  4. DMSO is a Free Radical scavenger. Attaching itself to the free radicals of an injured area dissolving and carrying them to waste. Thus it is said to have antioxidant properties.
  5. Currently DMSO is used as the vehicle to administer stem cells in therapy. It has the innate ability to preserve cells from damage even freezing.
  6. DSMO is a stabilizer in injured cells and prevents cell leakage. Currently the only substance known to preserve cells from damage.

There is more controversy over DMSO and its properties that any other drug known to man.

Although having been approved for animal health for a very long time, it has limited approval for humans. Yes, it is true, the FDA has only accepted DMSO therapy in humans to stem cell delivery, cell prep and preservation and in a rare bladder disease, interstitial cystitis.

The key is to make sure that the DMSO liquid and creams that you purchase are of the highest quality and purity available. After a great deal of research we offer the very best in Pharmaceutical grade DMSO available.

Order here.

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  • Guest - Franchonne

    Can DMSO be taken orally, if so how much. I know to use it topically and it works well.
    If taken by mouth, do i take this with anything else besides water or by itself?

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